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ScultoRob: The Robot That Shapes Your Ideas

Join us on Wednesday, July 30th to learn about ScultoRob (7-Axis Robotic Carving Platform) and its applications in the carving and sculpting processes of complex shapes on a variety of different materials such as marble & stone, wood, composites, foam, and more. In this webinar, we demonstrate ScultoRob's fields of applications and how robotic automation can streamline the most delicate manufacturing processes in various industries: sculpting & artistic work, engineering design & prototyping, architecture, interior & exterior design, furniture, and more.

When: July 30th at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time


  • What is ScultoRob?
  • Different materials and object shapes that can be carved with ScultoRob
  • How ScultoRob can improve operational efficiency and production quality
  • Software demo: offline programming for low-volume, high-variety production


  • Company representative from Precision Stone, Inc.
  • Company representative from Mark Mennin Design

As our main trade-shows and events have been postponed due to the corona-virus pandemic, this is an exclusive opportunity for you to connect with the Roboticom team and to listen to our customer testimonials.

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